Troyka MRI Ambience System

SKU: TKM-T-650

Patient Entertainment System

A wireless tablet with the real-time media integration playback offers patient amazing experience during the scan. The entertainment software includes over 250 animation, videos and images that patient can choose to watch during the MRI scan. Once the patient chooses the video, the video is transmitted through the wireless communication network to the monitor and the audio signal goes to the MRI sound system for the complete patient experience.

Main Control Unit Table and PC

The MRI Ambiance System’s equipment, located inside the MRI room, can be operated via the Ambiance PC in the control room or through the ambiance tablet situated near the MRI room’s entrance. This wireless tablet grants patients complete control over their ambiance experience. They can select a video, view a preview, and stream their chosen content to the MRI room. The standard Ambiance System package includes one tablet and a wall-mounted frame featuring integrated RGB lighting. Optionally, up to 10 additional tablets can be incorporated into the Ambiance System.

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Cinema Ambience Tablet

Every part of the Cinema Ambiance System inside the room can be controlled through both the Ambiance PC located in the control room and abiance tablet located close to the room’s entrance door. The wireless tablet provides the patient full control of the ambiance experience. The patient can choose a video, watch the preview and stream the content to the MRI room. The standard Ambiance System is delivered with one tablet and wall mount frame with integrated RGB Light. Additional tablets can be added to the system.

Gantry Skin Projection

  • Special projection mapping software turns the surface of the MRI scanner into an immersice experience for the patient.
  • Each MRI scanner is individually mapped to achieve the best possible result.
  • During the final stage of installation of the projector, the location of every pixel on the surface of the MRI scanner is adjusted individually using the mapping software.
  • The bore of the gantry is masked so that the light of the projector does not disturb the patient.
  • Outer boundaries of the MRI scanner are carefully mapped so that video does not play outside of the gantry.
  • Once the map of the MRI scanner is integrated into the software, any standard video can be uploaded and played directly on the surface of the MRI scanner