Setting New Standards in Patient Comfort

Serene Sound features a passive noise-attenuation headset to reduce the gradient noise by 30dB that confirms to the shame of the head coil with a patient microphone and alert button on the headset, improving communication between the patient and the MRI technologist. The audio controller accepts input from a full range of entertainment systems, and comes standard with a state-of-the-art remote control, CD player, stereo, intercom system, and clear audio sound.

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Powerful Signature Sound

Serene Sound’s concert-like quality rivals conventional stereo systems. Treat your patients to premium acoustic performances delivering deep, rich sound and creating a serene, relaxing experience.

Sleek Headset and Transducer

Offering the ultimate in patient comfort is a lightweight, adjustable audio headset that reduces MRI gradient noise, and creates powerful, expansive sound for the patient’s enjoyment. The headset also improves communication between the patient and the MRI Tech, and offers an alert button for the patient.

State-of-the-art Remote Control

A sleek, lightweight remote control, with an audio controller, accepts any digital device and delivers soothing sounds to the patient in the MRI environment. This industry-leading remote control puts the sonic power in your hands, while easing patient anxiety.

Concert Quality Audio System

The Serene Sound digital audio system offers vivid, immersive sound that brings entertainment to life in the MRI environment. With Serene Sound, patients are soothed with crystal-clear highs and deeps, rumbling lows – all in spectacular high fidelity. Serene Sound is the only MRI-compatible product to use speakers in the headset to enrich sound and bring a new dimension of relaxing audio entertainment into the MRI environment.

Treat your patients to the highest quality audio experience and ensure a competitive advantage for your MRI facility.

Serene Sound Features Include:

  • Two-way communication with Patient and Radiologist
  • Headset that reduces 30dB of MRI gradient noise
  • 500Hz – 10KHz frequency response
  • Volume control – adjustable by Technologist Remote
  • Talk button fades out music and enables micropone
  • Multi-functional Technologist Remote Control
  • A LaserLink dual-optical fiber connection to transmit audio signal from the console to the MRI suite