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Apron Sizing & Fitting

Use our helpful guide below to help you select the best size and fit for your RadSafe apron.

Size Chest (A) Waist (B) Hips (C) Vest Length (D) Skirt Length (E) Front/Wrap Length (F)
XX-Small 80-88 66-74 81-87 60 55 95
X-Small 88-96 74-82 87-93 62 57 98
Small 96-104 82-90 93-99 63 58 100
Medium 104-112 90-98 99-105 65 60 104
Large 112-120 98-106 104-112 67 62 108
X-Large 120-128 106-114 112-120 69 64 111
XX-Large 128-136 114-122 120-128 71 66 115
SizeChest (A)Waist (B)Hips (C)Vest Length (D)Skirt Length (E)Front/Wrap Length (F)

How to Measure for Correct Fit

Below is a basic step-by-step guide on how to measure someone for a correct fit of a radiation protective apron. On the next page we have also provided a size guide so you can use the measurements you take to determine the correct size.

Chest Measurement

Measure around the largest circumference of the chest / bust area, keeping the tape parallel to the floor and with the person’s arms at their sides.

Waist Measurement

Measure around the smallest circumference of the torso. The waist level may dip in at the back.

Hips Measurement

Measure around the largest circumference of the hips and buttocks with the tape parallel to the floor; generally 20-23cm down from the waist measurement.

Front Apron Length Measurement

Measure from the top of the shoulder down over the chest / bust (nipple) to the desired length. Do not contour the tape measure in under the bust.

Vest Length Measurement

Measure from the top of the shoulder down over the chest / bust (nipple) to the desired length. Do not contour the tape measure in under the bust.

Skirt Length Measurement

Measure from the top of the pant line (waist) and over the outside of the hip down to the desired length.

RADsafe Mobile Tailor by 3DLook

A simple, fast, and contactless tool to virtualize the fit event process and measure yourself whenever and wherever you are, without the need to meet with an Imaging Solutions sales representative in person. The system is built by industry experts to streamline and solve the biggest challenges in identifying your most compatible size and suggesting adjustments such as skirt length.

The technology requires two photos taken with any smartphone camera in any background. These photos are then processed into body measurements using computer vision, deep learning and statistical modelling allowing us to suggest your most compatible size and amendments.

Our solution doesn’t store, keep, or save photos under any circumstances. After the photos are processed, they are instantly deleted from our servers. The solution is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant, we value and respect your privacy.

Click GET MEASURED to start the process, once complete let your sales consultant know!

To get the best results, we recommend the following conditions:

  • Make sure that you wear casual clothes that don’t hide your body shape – tight jeans or leggings, fitted t-shirts and blouses or fitted long sleeve garments will do just fine. See model dressed on the left as a reference for everyday casual clothes which will yield accurate results.
  • If you’re wearing jeans – empty your pockets before taking photos.
  • Avoid loose fitting clothes – dresses, tunic tops, jackets and blazers, skirts, baggy pants, scarves, or other accessories that cover your body shape; long sleeves, dense fabric might also affect the result.
  • The background on which the photo is taken doesn’t matter, but make sure that the full body is visible and present on the screen, and that colour of the clothes are at least slightly different from the colour of the background.
  • A natural, relaxed pose is recommended on front and side photos. Arms should not be crossed behind the back, pressed tight to the body or be in the pockets.
  • Make sure that hair doesn’t cover the shoulders. Regarding shoes, remember to remove high heels!