Troyka MRI Compatible LED Monitor


Multipurpose Usage

This brand new, stunning 32” HD MRI LED monitor was designed to provide an optimal MRI compatible monitor that satisfies the needs of both clinical and advanced scientific applications.

Optimal Design

With its slim design, high definition display and superior image quality, the MRI LED Monitor is an optimal choice for an easy to use alternative to conventional projectors or goggle-based image delivery systems İn MRI room.

Flexible Positioning

The low weight and height adjustable mobile foot stand allow easy positioning of the monitor anywhere in the MRI room. The monitor can also be wall mounted.


  • Compatible with all MRI scanners.
  • 32 inch Full HD (1080p) screen.
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Compatible with PC or any video sources.
  • Fiber optic data transfer between control room and MRI room.
  • No need for installation and easy mobilization in MRI room.
  • Specially produced for interventional radiological applications.
  • Thanks to fiber optic data transfer, there is no risk of noise leakage in MRI room.
  • Compatible with MRI sound systems.
  • Suitable with fMRI applications.
  • MRI compatibility certificate up to 3 Tesla.
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