Elequil Aromatabs®


100% pure essential oils with a unique delivery system

Aromatherapy as an alternative holistic intervention is not new, however, some methods for delivery such as soaked cotton balls and diffusers can be messy and subject to inconsistencies.

Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy was created specifically for the clinical setting to offer a simple nursing intervention to promote relaxation during pain, calm anxiousness, and/or soothe queasiness.

Used in all areas of healthcare, Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy comply with most hospital infection prevention policies for its one-time use and a sealed-until-open aromatherapy tab.

By enhancing the patient experience, Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy can help increase comfort measure scores on patient satisfaction surveys. Staff can also benefit from using Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy to help cope with anxiousness and fatigue.

Elequil Aromatabs aromatherapy uses 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils that do not require a carrier oil and are free from pesticides and synthetics. Each aromatherapy tab lasts 8 hours or more.

  • Consistent amount of oils – perfect for clinical studies and use in healthcare system-wide initiatives
  • Adheres to gown/clothing for individual use – self-adhesive tab offers hands-free aromatherapy that is personal to each patient
  • Does not contain any metal/foil – acceptable for use in OR, MRI, and anywhere else where metal/foil is contraindicated
  • Minimum/Maximum aroma exposure – allows customization of aroma based on need and preference
  • Easy application and disposal – eliminates extra work for staff
  • Patient/staff friendly – stays within one’s own personal space
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