Cinema Skin


Add a new dimension to patient relaxation.

CinemaSkin projects videos and animations, through proprietary software, onto the gantry of a scanner. Visually stunning, CinemaSkins are ‘cut’ to fit the equipment so there is no bleed into other surfaces or into the patients eyes. The projection is controlled through a web-based interface that is accessed on a computer in the control room and can be changed to suit the patient.

This means that the operator can change from animations to scenes of nature, or the patient can even watch their favourite movie. In a paediatric facility that looks after infants through to 18 year olds, CinemaSkin gives the greatest possible flexibility in matching the Virtual Environment to the patient.

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Queensland Children’s Hospital MRI Medical Imaging

Queensland Children’s Hospital CT Medical Imaging

Gantry Skin Projection

  • Special projection mapping software turns the surface of the MRI scanner into an immersice experience for the patient.
  • Each MRI scanner is individually mapped to achieve the best possible result.
  • During the final stage of installation of the projector, the location of every pixel on the surface of the MRI scanner is adjusted individually using the mapping software.
  • The bore of the gantry is masked so that the light of the projector does not disturb the patient.
  • Outer boundaries of the MRI scanner are carefully mapped so that video does not play outside of the gantry.
  • Once the map of the MRI scanner is integrated into the software, any standard video can be uploaded and played directly on the surface of the MRI scanner