TenderTouch™ Cushioned Tape for Thermoplastic Masks

SKU: BKM-418

Provide Maximum Patient Comfort During Head and Neck Radiotherapy Treatments

Soft, durable cushioned tape molds easily around cut edges of thermoplastic masks

Many of those diagnosed with head or neck cancer will undergo radiation therapy.

To prevent accidental movement and prevent irradiation to healthy tissue, some patients may be fitted with a thermoplastic mask to wear during the course of their treatment.

During the course of treatment, which may be as long as 8 weeks, some patients’ masks are cut due to swelling and tightness, anxiety and claustrophobia, sensitive skin, or to enable the use of bite blocks, bolus, or electron fields.

A professional product designed for patient comfort and durability

A soft-to-the-touch, scored, and cushioned tape that easily molds around the ragged edges of cut thermoplastic masks to provide comfort to the patient and relieve pressure points. TenderTouch sticks consistently to the thermoplastic material to provide the patient with optimal comfort throughout treatment.

Not made with natural rubber latex. Hypoallergenic.

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