VisualSystem HD Goggles – VHD

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The VSHD is comprised of a number of components – the goggles (VHD), mounting bracket with head coil adapter, power supply (VPS), and Control Room Interface (CRI). Head coil fixation: Adjustable fixation mechanism supporting Siemens 64 channel and GE 48 channel and a wide range of other head coils.

HD displays

By rendering sharp images and brilliant colors through its 1920×1200 (Full HD) resolution, high quality graphics and text can be presented to the subject. Using the two independent displays, the user can create 3D stereoscopic environments to increase the sense of immersion of the participant

Dual Integrated Eye Tracking Cameras

The VHD includes 2 frame grabbers that convert the camera signal from HDMI to USB. This allows your PC to capture the signal as 2 separate USB cameras. On most PC’s, these can be viewed in the built-in camera application that can appear on the desktop for the technician or researcher to view.

Adjustable to every patient

The VHD is designed to fit a variety of commonly used head coils and is easy to mount with coil specific adapters. The adjustable arm allows for fast and precise positioning at a comfortable viewing angle. The built-in diopter correction (-8 to +5) and fine-tuning of pupil distance are easy to regulate and customize to each patient, both adults and children.

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