Making Every Eyetrack Scan More Reliable

The EyeTracker user interface makes eye tracking easy. The eye tracker provides the user with pre-set defaults that are appropriate for most situations and also provides serious control to overside those defaults. Preferred settings can be saved and reloaded automatically at startup to save time.

EyeTracker gives you the ability to project images into other Resonance Technology products, such as the VisuaStim Visor and comes with robust software to record and provide industry-leading precision results. EyeTracker provides real time feedback of eye data and flexible posthoc data analysis.

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EyeTracker Features Include:

  • Resolution of 320 px by 240 px
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • Temporal Resolution: Less than 1 degree
  • Video Format: NTSC composite video output
  • Illumination Type: IR mounted on camera

Improved Precision and User Experience

The EyeCamera window tool bar provides easy controls to make your eye tracking results more reliable and to extend the range of trackable subjects. It is very easy to limit the areas within which the software searches for pupil and corneal reflection to exclude extraneous reflections and dark shadows. These can cause many tracking failures on conventional eye trackers.

Real-Time Feedback of ViewPoint Measurements including;

  • X and Y pupil position and velocity plotted in real-time.
  • Fixation location and duration are graphically displayed over pictures in real-time.
  • Pupil height and width measurements provided in real-time.
  • Ocular torsion measurement plotted in real-time.

The IR lighting in the EyeTracker gives a clear view of the eye as if viewed in broad daylight. With LaserLink technology, installation is just a matter of minutes. No additional cable fibers or filters are necessary. And, patient set-up is quick and simple. Give your techs the tools needed for precision research and create a competitive advantage for your fMRI facility.