CinemaVision 20/20


All in one patient entertainment system for Clinical/fMRI

CinemaVision 20/20 a giant step towards advancements of MRI & fMRI patient comfort entertainment and research tools. First time ever Resonance Technology has combined dual purpose use in one system. CinemaVision 20/20 is a state-of-the-art tool for patient comfort entertainment and fMRI studies. Keeping up with the latest electronic trends, CinemaVision 20/20 offers more options for media access to digital libraries, two-way communication and dramatically reducing MRI gradient noise putting their patients at ease.

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CinemaVision 20/20 features include:

  • Slimmer Visor; engineered to be used in the Siemens 32-Channel headcoil
  • Smaller headphones: Earbud headset to deliver symphonicquality audio and two way communication
  • Duplex communication settings
  • Digital audio system with 30dB noise-attenuating headset with 500Hz – 10KHz frequency response
  • Stereoscopic display with 3D capability
  • Quick and easy patient set up
  • Adaptive volume adjustment during MRI procedure
  • Controller tablet has ability to categorize the content for ease of access to videos & music

Tablet Interface Controller

CinemaVision 20/20 Controller tablet interface manages entertainment choices for both the patient and technologist, enables two-way communication with patients, adjust volume setting and includes built-in camera. Webstream ability with the tablet which seamlessly connects to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and via USB port to access 1000’s of videos & music.

Programming is easy to do on the tablet interface for any patient comfort or fmri paradigm. MR Laser Link technology will not affect the MRI scans with any detrimental effects on signal/noise. Reduce appointment cancellations and sedation cost. Enable patients to enjoy stunning sights and sound during an MRI Scan.

Delivering unparalleled virtual reality, CinemaVision 20/20 transports patients to a breathtaking world of immersive entertainment by combining crystal clear video and soothing sounds. Treat your patients to the highest quality multi-media experience!