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It is estimated that up to 30% of patients suffer from claustrophobia during MRI scans, while patient motion appears in up to 29.4% of MRI scans. Furthermore, data shows that as many as 30% of pediatric patients are given anesthesia/sedation during MRI examinations.

nordicComfortSolution can help to reduce these numbers.

MRI examinations can be very stressful, particularly for younger children <10 years, as patients are required to remain motionless for longer periods of time. Various literature has confirmed that anesthesia typically adds about $350 to a regular MRI examination. For sedation, the extra cost is estimated to be around $100.

Using audio/visual systems during MRI scans reduces the number of anesthesia / sedation cases by 9% – 35% in pediatric patients, which could save hospitals $11,000 or more per scanner per year. Since the typical cost for audio / visual systems is around $37,000, investing in an entertainment system, rather than using sedation / anesthesia, would return the investment costs after only 100 non-sedated patients.

Adding other potentially cost-saving benefits of audio/visual systems like higher patient satisfaction, fewer motion artefacts, and a lower number of aborted scans, the time to break-even can be reduced even further. Data show that 84% of patients have reported a positive experience when using audio/visual systems. For patients with chronical illness, repeated scans may be necessary. A pleasant first-time experience is often a crucial factor to build a positive foundation for all future scans of that patient.

As a response to claustrophobia and sedation rates in the MRI department, NordicNeuroLab has developed the nordicComfortSolution. The nordicComfortSolution is an entertainment system which aims to help hospitals around the world to reduce costs, provide a better patient experience and to ease the daily routines of personnel.

  • Reduces the use of anesthesia
  • Reduce time
  • Reduces costs
  • Increases patient satisfaction
  • Patients report that the exam seems to go faster
  • Present media content quickly and easily
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In most of today’s MR suites, patient flow is a key factor in reducing the risk of delays, and aborted or repeated scans. However, patient anxiety can pose a big challenge to achieving successful patient flow.

By observing everyday life of MR technologists, we see that they often need to spend more time than scheduled making a patient comfortable enough to undergo a scan. To successfully attend to the needs of anxious patients, MR technologists need tools that will help shifting patient focus to something other than the examination.

nordicComfortSolution provides a tool that can help achieve this goal. It aims to reduce stress and anxiety by providing a calming environment for patients through a variety of media content options. Its main objective is to reduce number of delayed, aborted and repeated scans, and to help limit the need for
sedation in pediatric patients.

nordicComfortSolution package consists of NNL 40” 4K UHD InroomViewingDevice and our newly developed media player – nordicComfortPlayer.

nordicComfortPlayer runs on touch interface device and contains separate media libraries of video and audio files. The display window allows the viewer to see the image coming from the InroomViewingDevice’s built-in patient camera, and it also integrates simple and smart controls of patient monitor

nordicComfortSolution was built with technologists and radiologists working conditions in mind. It has a user-friendly, intuitive interface that enables remote control of the patient entertainment system. There is no longer need for external media players, splitters, cables and extra monitors. With a simple click of a button you can select and present your media content to a patient.



The 40” 4K UHD InroomViewingDevice is an MR compatible monitor that satisfies the needs of both clinical and advanced scientific applications.

With its slim design, high-definition display and superior image quality, the InroomViewingDevice is an optimal choice for an easy to use alternative to conventional projectors or goggle based image delivery systems.

Integrated Camera

The innovative, front-facing camera provides an uninterrupted patient surveillance during examination. Thanks to the builtin USB hub, connecting patient communication and interface devices is now extremely easy.

Flexible Positioning

The lightweight and height adjustable mobile foot stand allows easy positioning of the monitor anywhere in the MRI room.

Instant Feedback

The monitor facilitates the examination process by allowing the operating personnel to remain inside the examination room during procedures, thus allowing uninterrupted patient care and quick response time, which significantly improves clinical workflow.


The nordicComfortPlayer was made to ensure speed and ease of use. The player allows the MR technologist to control the rotation of the screen, volume, and it’s easy to find video content or radio stations. The nordicComfortPlayer allows for a number of different media options: stock movies, importing licensed content, and streaming services such as Netflix™, Disney+®, Hulu™, Youtube™, HBO Max™, etc.*

In addition to present the content there is also option to present the remaining scanning time and “Breath Hold”. Presenting it both auditorily and visually will increase the success rate of that procedure.

Control Room Touchscreen

The nordicComfortPlayer is operated through a computer with a sleek touchscreen design, which minimizes its footprint in the MRI control room. With just a single press of a button or two, the MR technologist can easily start the entertainment system using the touchscreen interface, making it a convenient and userfriendly option.

nordicInboreMirror (Optional)

Not every MR-scanner has a free-standing mirror. The alternative has been to use the mirror solutions that come with the head coil, but many patients feel that the head coil is intimidating, and the free-standing over body mirror can be used alternatively when a head coil is not needed.

The mirror has two view options, single- and dual mirror, which allows you to use the mirror independent of which direction the patient lies in the scanner.

The mirror fits most 60 cm and 70 cm scanners.