fMRI Acquisition


NordicNeuroLab provides a turnkey solution for clinical fMRI.

Integrated hardware and software solution

Our fMRI solution is a complete and user-friendly system for simplifying and standardizing functional MRI in clinical environments. It has been specifically designed to fit within the workflow of your hospital’s daily routine, making the process of pre-surgical mapping simple, efficient and reproduceable.

  • Provides automated synchronization with the MRI scanner. Operator can focus on the patient
  • Includes an extensive library of recommended fMRI paradigms in
    multiple languages
  • No need to use a stop watch when doing fMRI
  • Allows functional exams to be performed by a single radiographer.
  • A site specific training package for fMRI can be provided in
    consultation with our team of Application Scientists
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The MR compatible ResponseGrips allow subjects to provide feedback by pressing one of four buttons. They have been developed for clinical and research users alike. Ergonomically designed for both hands to help minimize patient movement inside the scanner, they are suitable for a wide range of experimental paradigms.


One of the challenges in fMRI is synchronizing stimulus presentation with MR image acquisition. The accuracy and verification of timing information is critical to the validity of results. With a flexible and user-friendly menu system, the SyncBox allows the user to select how the trigger pulse from the scanner is transferred to the software presenting the stimuli. Furthermore, when used alongside nordicAktiva, serial communication allows the syncbox settings to be controlled automatically by the stimulus presentation PC.

The SyncBox can simulate the trigger signals produced by the scanner during an MRI sequence. This enables the user to develop and test the entire experimental paradigm in the office, minimizing the need for testing in a costly scanning environment. The SyncBox is MRI scanner independent and interfaces with a variety of external devices, allowing synchronization of signals from different hardware sources and providing accurate logging of time stamps.


nordicAktiva is an easy-to-use stimulus presentation software, designed with the MRI technician in mind.

By using nordicAktiva, a single technician can handle stimulus presentation and image acquisition at the same time. Through an intuitive interface, the user is guided step-bystep through the process of presenting stimuli during image acquisition.

Our ready-to-use paradigms follow recommendations from the ASFNR (American Society for Functional Neuroradiology). On selecting a paradigm, clear instructions allow the operator to successfully plan their protocol and prepare the patient. These instructions, as well as the paradigm content, are available in many different languages.

nordicAktiva runs seamlessly with the NNL fMRI hardware, displaying the paradigm to the patient during the MR imaging exam. An integrated hardware test assures that the fMRI hardware is connected and working properly prior to the exam.