Adding cross-vendor compatibility to a single-vendor solution.

DatamedWL™ is the newest addition to the DATAMED® product line and introduces exciting capabilities. Combined with the DatamedFT™ format translator this product gives customers the ability to query for orders, record the ECGs, and then send them to the management/storage system to close out the orders. This fully integrated workflow is an important part of a single-vendor solution, but cross-vendor compatibility has been very limited. Now workflow integration doesn’t mean being locked out of equipment choices. This will further enhance sales opportunities for our vendor partners.

Installed with DatamedFT™, the software runs as a service level application and may be installed on the ECG Management System’s host server, an enterprise application server, or a standalone computer/virtual machine. The manner of installation, method of connection, and exact configuration largely depend on the vendor and the preference of the customer’s IT staff. DatamedWL™ runs without interaction and is a completely transparent interface. For customers who have a variety of cardiographs and other acquisition devices, DatamedWL™ and DatamedFT™ can be configured to handle any number of compatible source formats on a single computer.

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This product is a two-way system that acts as the native management system for the source devices, and as a native source device for the management systems. Each side of the communications utilizes an interactive communication. In some cases (including DICOM® hosts) context items will be cached locally so that they can be used when interacting with the host, even though the actual source device does not support the data. This results in tremendous capability for future interfaces.