DatamedSnd™ ECG Transmitter Modules

DatamedSnd™ Module DSND01

For DICOM® files written by DatamedFT™ into a DICOM® PACS or storage system.

Current Version: 3.0.0

DatamedSnd™ ECG Transmitter Modules provide protocol-specific transmission mechanisms for host systems that may not be able to pick up the converted ECG files from a folder. A Transmitter Module runs as a system service that monitors a folder for converted files and sends the files using the appropriate protocol.  It monitors a folder for .dcm files and sends the files using the DICOM® transmission protocol to a DICOM® PACS or other DICOM® based storage system. This transmitter module is NOT used if DatamedWL™ is installed, and is only needed if the PACS /storage system does not have the capability to load .dcm files directly.

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