Datamed® ECG Format Translators

EKGDatamedFT™ – Our flagship product and the bridge which will enable your institution to expand the use of all your cardiology equipment beyond the limitations of one vendor.

DatamedFT™ is the ECG translation engine that allows best-of-breed buying in all cardiology venues and extends the life of cardiology equipment thus saving valuable healthcare funds. A networked software product that easily interfaces into your facilities existing infrastructure to provide communication among cardiology devices that are not normally compatible to each other.

Refer to the detailed description below and use the links above to learn more of how DatamedFT™ and our line of DatamedRcv™ ECG Receiver Modules can expand your cardiology frontier. Additional information on supporting products may be found in the main Products Menu along with our System Configuration Wizard and Quick Pricing Estimator to provide an accurate project cost for budgetary and planning purposes.

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DatamedFT™ is the newest generation in a long line of DATAMED® Receivers, Transmitters and ECG Format Translators. Since 1970, DATAMED® devices have bridged the compatibility gap between equipment from various manufacturers. Functioning like a language interpreter but with file formats, DatamedFT™ converts the ECG data from the format of one manufacturer to the format of another, so that medical facilities can purchase the most appropriate cardiographs, monitors, and ECG management systems from differing manufacturers. DatamedFT™ allows for purchasing flexibility and extended equipment life.

While previous Datamed® translators have been hardware devices, DatamedFT ™ is a highly specialized software application that may be installed on the ECG Management system’s host server, a monitoring gateway, an enterprise application server, or a stand alone PC (“FTPC”). and connected to the source and destination device via network. The manner of installation, method of connection, and exact configuration largely depend on the vendor and the desire of the customer’s IT staff. DatamedFT™ is an IT application that is user-installed and user-supported with our assistance via email, telephone and/or remote access. Once installed, DatamedFT™ is a completely transparent interface.

DatamedFT™ receives ECG data from the source ECG machine, bedside monitor, or other acquisition device as data files in that device’s native data format. This file-based application combined with our optional DatamedSnd™ Transmitter Modules and DatamedRcv™ Receiver Modules can transmit and receive the ECG Data files over LAN, WAN, serial, or modem connections. Each ECG file contains the waveform data along with patient demographics, measurements, and analysis statements. As the file is translated from the source format to the target host’s native format, many fields can be manipulated using optional settings and advanced field mapping. The resulting file is then sent to the ECG Management System. Translated ECGs are seen and handled by the host system as if they had originated on their own proprietary devices, and may be stored, recalled, edited, viewed in a serial presentation, and printed just as any other ECGs in the host system.

Source devices and management/storage systems from over twenty different manufacturers are supported, and new formats are added on an ongoing basis. For customers who have a variety of cardiographs and other acquisition devices, DatamedFT™ can be configured to handle any number of available source formats on a single computer.

See the diagrams below for typical applications providing for cellular or radio based defibrillators, LAN or WiFi Cardiographs, Serial Modem, and Monitoring network installations and suggested network connections.

For customers that have a variety of cardiographs and other acquisition devices, DatamedFT™ can be configured to handle any number of available input formats on a single computer. For example, it can be receiving and translating ECGs from HP/Philips XLi cardiographs, while at the same time it is receiving and translating ECGs from GE®/Marquette® cardiographs.

Utilizing Datamed® ECG Format Translators allows medical institutions to purchase best-of-breed equipment to suit each department, and/or continue to use older (yet dependable) acquisition equipment on newer ECG Management systems, providing data compatibility across vendor lines. The proven reliability of DatamedFT™ enables some vendors to use it as the entire ECG “front end” of their systems. DatamedFT™ installations are “IT/IS” friendly, and work well within enterprise network security.