Lower body protection model 6269


Lower Body Protection System

The MVG-UT69 offers maximum protection thanks to the intermediate double articulated joint and additional protection panel. The upper shield can be removed quickly in case of emergency or for comfortable patient positioning.

• Overlapping, flexible radiation protective panels with PVC covering
• Lead equivalent of 0.50 mm Pb / total weight: MVG-UT6902 = 27.9 kg ; MVG-UT6904 = 26.9 kg
• Height without upper shield: 900 mm, width: 645 mm (main section, 4 overlapping panels)
170 mm (additional panel)
• Total width of all lower body protection panels (below the table): max. 800 mm
(overlapping, adjustment angle)
• Universal adapter: suitable for table rails ranging from 7 x 25 mm to 10 x 30 mm
• Two separate upper shields (depending on model), resp. 170/250 mm in height; width: 600 mm
• Includes wall mounts (1 x main section and 1 x upper shield)

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