KNX-312 – Table shields- 100 cm wide with a single friction pivot


The pivotal arm can be swiveled away from the table to form a 49 cm wide 0.5 mm Pb protective wing. A self-adjusting friction pivot ensures that it remains in the desired position. Shields have 70cm high full width flexible curtains that conform around C-arm equipment without gaping. Shields with overlapping panels are a no cost option.

• Kenex shields can be used on both sides of the table and fit onto 25 mm high tableside accessory rails with a thickness range from 7.7 mm to 10 mm.
• 78 cm wide shields are supplied for attachment to 25 mm high tableside rails, but can also be configured on site to fit onto 29 mm high rails.

• All 100 cm shields have a 35 cm long accessory rail to keep equipment controls close to hand and the curtain behind provides extra protection. The rail is available in two sizes.
• These shields can also overhang the tableside rail to be positioned nearer the head end.

Kenex table shields can be moved from one side of the table to the other in an instant by simply rotating the upper part 180° horizontally. The pivotal arm always faces the head end.

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