Leon MRI

SKU: LWS-0200025-C1

The most innovative MRI anaesthesia device in its class.

The Leon MRI has been specially developed for use in an MRI environment with field strengths of up to 40 Millitesla. Operation on 1.5 Tesla and 3.0 Tesla MRT systems is guaranteed. An LED light that is visible from all sides means that alarms and messages are clearly displayed even outside the MR field, with different colours corresponding to their priority.

  • Both the range of services and the operation of the Leon mri correspond exactly to those of the already tried-and-tested Leon – with no limitations.
  • A further major logistical advantage can be found in the compatibility of the compact circuit system with the Leon plus, Leon and Leon mri systems.
  • The position to the MRI is monitored by an integrated magnetic field strength monitor.
  • The Leon mri is equipped with a central brake to ensure it stays as positioned. This makes it possible to lock all four wheels at the same time via one foot lever.
  • Upgrade option: Neo mode and VTG (Tidalvolume guaranty)
  • The device can also be optionally connected up to a second screen outside of the MRI environment using a fibre-optic cable.
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The Leon mri product range:

  • MRT-compatible for 1.5 to 3.0 Tesla
  • 12” TFF touchscreen
  • Ventilation performance in rebreathing system at the level of an intensive respirator
  • Patient system designed for efficient reprocessing and extremely simple assembly
  • Absorber changeover during operation
  • Ventilation technology for treating patients of all ages
  • Ventilation modes: IMV, SIMV, PCV, Man. Spont., (optional: SPCV, PSV, HLM)
  • Another major logistical benefit lies in the interchangeability of the compact circulatory systems of the Leon plus, Leon and Leon mri devices.
  • The position in relation to the MRT is monitored by means of an integrated magnetic field strength monitor.
  • The Leon mri is fitted with a central brake for fixing it in position. All four wheels can be locked simultaneously using a foot lever.
  • Upgrade option: Neo mode
  • There is the option of connecting the device to a second screen outside of the MRT area via a fibre-optic cable.

Disposable Absorber:

  • Unique geometry: effective shape for CO2 absorption
  • Maximal soda lime utilisation
  • Low dust generation
  • Cost reductions thanks to high absorption performance and large absorber volume

Leonsorb Plus

  • Reduced reaction time for high absorption values

Leonsorb Premium

  • No formation of Compound A
  • Longer-lasting colour change than with conventional soda lime