CytoCore® Disposable Biopsy Instrument

SKU: PMD-C0025

CytoCore® is the world’s first motorized, rotating fine needle biopsy device. Designed to harvest more cells, in fewer passes, using the smallest needles.

Small Needle. Big Results

CytoCore® is designed to harvest more cellular material in fewer passes, and the product achieves this with its proprietary spinning motion that enables needles to shear off large intact clusters of cells. From a design standpoint, CytoCore® is compatible with a variety of needle gauges and lengths, has an ergonomic slide switch that draws back to initiate a single stroke motor, and includes a 5ml syringe with adjustable suction. This allows the product to perform in any soft tissue, be it lymph node, parotid, thyroid, lung, and/or any other mass of cells.

Furthermore, CytoCore® showcases minimal bleeding complications and risks compared with more invasive biopsy devices such as core biopsy CytoCore®’s ability to obtain such significant cellular yields has also boosted its usage in cancer patients as an avenue to determine point mutations without the need for multiple biopsy passes or larger gauge, firing biopsy devices.

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Minimally Invasive: Compatible with any fine needle. Pencil grip design allows for single hand operation while imaging.
Generous Sample: CytoCore rotates the needle at the press of a button during biopsy. The spinning motion shears off large intact clusters of cells.
Unrivaled Technology: The CytoCore is designed to harvest more cellular material, in fewer passes, using the smallest gauge needles.


  • Increased cellular yield versus traditional FNA (fine needle aspiration) technique
  • Aims to reduce non-diagnostic rate vs. traditional FNA technique
  • Reduced sampling time with fewer passes
  • Reliable, repeatable cell yield with ability to collect micro-cores
  • Compatible with a range of needle gauges and lengths
  • 5ml syringe with adjustable suction

For use with any soft tissue