Interventional Cannulas


Interventional Cannulas for MRI-guided minimal invasive procedures

The Interventional Cannulas KIM have been developed by ITP GmbH especially for the application in MRI-guided minimally invasive therapy and diagnostics. The advantages of MRI-guided interventions are the elimination of ionizing radiation and the better soft tissue contrast.

In addition to the MRI compatibility these products feature firm guidance characteristics, low penetration force, precise positioning and a sharp grinding. The innovative locking cap prevents unwanted movement of the stylet (N-versions with normal cap). A movable stopper can be used in order to pre-set the desired penetration depth.

The single-use needles are marked every 10 mm with increased markings every 50 mm.
The needles are delivered in boxes of 20. Each sterilized and packed separately.

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  • Spinal Pain Therapy: Periradicular Therapy; Facet Joint Infiltration
  • Sympathicolysis (lumbal, thoracal)
  • Diagnostic Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy, Direct MRIArthrography
  • Microtherapy, Injection Needle, Introducer Needle etc.