Mobile X-Ray Protective Shield WD204


The mobile protection screen WD204, available in different widths, consists of an upper part with transparent lead glass and a lower protective part.

Mobile protection screen in lightweight aluminium construction, with a lead glass window – vision area: 460 x 360 mm (H x W), Pb 0.50 mm, shield size: 1940 x 700 mm (H x W), total height: 1950 mm

  • Light weight aluminum frame construction
  • MAVIG lead glass with excellent light transmission
  • Overall width – 700 to 1700 mm
  • Overall height – 1950 mm
  • Window width – Available from 360 mm to 760 mm
  • Window height – 460 mm
  • Lead Equivalent – Available in 0.50mm Pb or 2.00mm Pb
    (Window is always 2.00mm Pb)
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