Myocardial Phantom HL (PH-24)

SKU: KKG-PH-24-41333-000

For the study of high radio accumulation interference in the liver with the myocardial SPECT images


  • Allows the study of RI liver intake and its effect on the myocardial SPECT
  • Cold defect can be set in the left cardiac muscle
  • Background can be set individually in lung field, mediastinum and right ventricle

Set Includes:

  • 1 main Phantom Body / 1 right Lung / 1 left Lung / 1 mediastinum / 1 liver /stomach / 1 heart / 1 work base / 1 screwdriver / 1 petroleum jelly / storage case

Size (approx):

  • W32 x D22 x H31cm / W12.5 x D8.6 x H12.2in


  •  Main Container: Acrylic Resin / Spine: Epoxy Resin (similar to human in HU) / Heart: Acrylic Resin, Acrylic resin / Lung: Foamed Resin, Water / Screw: Polyacetal Resin
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