Lung Ultrasound Training Phantom (US-19)

SKU: KKG-US-19-41946-999

Because of the influx of patients from the COVID-19 pandemic, CT and X-ray machines are increasingly difficult to access for diagnostic purposes. As such, lung ultrasound is one solution to minimize exposure for medical professionals, and Kyoto Kagaku has developed a phantom to practice the basics of this procedure.


  • Four kinds of units: A-LINE, B-LINE(few), B-LINE(many), pneumonia and pleural effusion for training in the basics of lung ultrasound.
  • Anatomy includes: lung, chest wall, ribs
  • No special storage needed
  • Suitable for training in large groups
  • High durability
  • Lung slide module and COVID-19 module under development

Case / Pathology: A-LINE / B-LINE(few/many) / Pneumonia and pleural effusion

Set includes: Main Body / Four kinds of lung modules / Instruction manual / Talcum powder / Storage case

Size (approx.):

  • Body:32×25×12.5cm/13×10×4.9 inch
  • Module:14.8×11.8×1cm/5.8×4.6×4.3 inch
  • Body:1.9kg/ A-LINE/B-LINE/B-LINE many) : 0.9kg /Pneumonia and pleural effusion : 1.4kg
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