FAST/Acute Abdomen Phantom “FAST/ER (US-5)


Excellent for the routine maintenance of image quality in ultrasonography as well as the ageing of devices and transducers.


  • An innovative phantom for repetitive training of FAST as an adjunct to the ATLS primary survey
  • Pathologies include cholecystitis, an aortic aneurysm and a lesion on the colon.

Training skills / Applications: Internal hemorrhage at perihepatic, perisplenic,pelvis and pericardium area/ Sonography for acute patients

Case / Pathology:

  • FAST/ Cardiac Tamponade, Right Upper Abdominal Bleeding, Perisplenic Hemorrhage, emorrhage at Rectovesical Area
  • Acute abdomen/Inflammation of the Gallbladder, Aneurysm, Appendicitis, Diverticulitis

Set includes: 1 ultrasound phantom with carrying base/ 1 tutorial manual (DVD)

Size (approx.):

  • W62 x D30 x H24 cm (W24.4 x D11.8 x H9.4 in)
  • 30kg / 66lb

Materials: Polyurethane elastomer Latex free

Anatomy: Lung/Heart/Diaphram/Liver/Kidney/Spleen/Pancreas/Colon/Bladder/Rectum/Vena cava/Aorta/Sacrum

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Founded in 1891, Kyoto is the world’s only manufacturer of anatomical models, simulators, and imaging phantoms. Made in Kyoto, Japan and trusted in over 60 countries around the world. Passing on cultural heritage through technologies for restoring and replicating cultural assets.