Breast Ultrasound QA Phantom (US-4)

SKU: KKG-US-4-41902-000

Ensure highly detailed images for reliable breast cancer examinations


  • Ultrasound QA phantom for high precision imaging in the high frequency sonography around 10 MHz that is required in breast examination
  • For monthly basic quality check of ultrasound images, as well as longer term quality assurance to maintain consistency of the performance of scanners and transducers.

Training skills / Applications: 1. Contrast resolution/ 2. Spatial resolution

Case / Pathology: Mass targets block/ Gray scale targets, Cyst targets / Dot targets block/ Dot targets, 45 degree tilted line targets

Set includes: 1 mass targets block, 1 dot tagets block, 1 thermometer, 1 strage case, 1 instruction manual

Size (approx.):

  • Mass:18×7.5x11cm/7.2x3x4.4in
  • Dot:13.5×7.5x11cm/5.4x3x4.4in
  • Mass 1.3kg / 2.7lbs
  • Dot 1.0kg / 2.2lbs

Materials: Urethane elastomer, acryl, nylon Latex free

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