Internally Weighted Nesting IV Pole


Exceptional Functionality and Adaptability of the Nesting IV Pole
The Nesting IV Pole is meticulously designed to cater to the dynamic needs of a medical environment. It comes equipped with quality castors, ensuring effortless mobility despite the unit’s weight. Its height-adjustability feature is crucial for gravity feed, providing flexibility in various medical scenarios.

One of the significant advantages of this IV Pole is its robust construction that minimizes pole damage. The 5-star legged internally weighted base not only makes the pole sturdy but significantly reduces the chances of pole falls, ensuring the safety and well-being of both patients and medical personnel.

Space-Saving Capabilities of the Nesting IV Pole
An outstanding feature of this IV Pole is its ability to nest together with others of its kind, a trait that is invaluable in a space-constrained medical facility. You can fit 10 of these poles in the space ordinarily occupied by 2 standard poles, thus maximizing storage space and maintaining a clutter-free environment. This space-saving feature is further enhanced by its dimensions of 530w x 530d x (1400-2300)h (mm), and its design which includes a 5 x Legged Internally Weighted Nesting Base.

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