Featherweight Motorized Double Endoscopy Cart

As a mainstay of our travel endoscopy carts, the Featherweight® Motorized Double Endoscopy Cart has everything you need and nothing you do not. Every endoscopy cart is designed by you with the aid of one of our knowledgeable inside sales representatives. We ensure all of your equipment and supplies are organized optimally for your work flow at the patient’s bedside.

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Storage Options

  • Locking Drawers | 4″, 6″, 8″, 12″ – Multiple drawer size combinations are available in our “gang” locking drawer cabinets. Operating one lock will secure all of the drawers in one cabinet instead of needing to lock drawers individually. These 4”, 6”, 8”, and 12” drawers can stack up in any combination equaling a total of 12”. Depending on the cart model you choose, the equipment required on the cart, and any other accessories, multiple drawer cabinets can be accommodated in your design. Individual 6” drawers not housed within the multi-drawer cabinet are optional.
  • Drawer Dividers – Insert drawer dividers into any drawer for superior organization. Dividers can be adjusted front to back and side to side to accommodate different sizes of supplies.
  • Storage Cabinets – A variety of storage cabinet options are available and are based on the type of supplies which are used during procedures.
  • Tilt Bins – For storage of small items, tilt bins on a riser are an option for any cart. Combinations are available with four large bins or five small bins with an optional upgrade to locking bins.
  • Glove Box Holder – Glove box holders accommodate one, three, or four boxes of gloves allowing you to free up space in drawers or on shelves with quick access to clean gloves when needed, even mid-procedure.

Monitor Options

  • Breakaway Monitor Carts – The Breakaway Monitor Cart is stored underneath and behind the Featherweight® Double Endoscopy Cart. Easily disconnect for convenient positioning of the image monitor during the procedure.
  • Monitor Stands – Travel cases are made even easier by connecting the Monitor Stand to your travel cart for transport. Once at the patient’s bedside, the Monitor Stand disconnects from the travel cart allowing normal positioning capabilities in procedure rooms.
  • Mounting Options – Choose your preferred method to mount a monitor on your cart. Whether it be a single post mounted to the platform of the cart or a riser along the backside of the cart, we have your monitor mounting needs covered.
  • Monitor Arm Options – Adding an articulating arm provides added positional flexibility to the monitor mount. We have various arms to fit nearly any monitor needs.


  • Keyboard Tray with Mouse Surface – The fold down Keyboard Tray and Mouse Surface locks up in place securely, storing the keyboard when not in use. It also folds down off of the end of the cart to use in its convenient location next to a monitor to ensure maximum efficiency during data entry. The slide out Keyboard Tray and Mouse Surface are stored securely under the work surface of the cart and glide out easily when needed.
  • Scope Holder – Scope Holders are designed to fit scopes in the manner in which the manufacture intended are a common option. Securely drape the scope to free space on the work surface for other uses.
  • Tank Holder – Optional Tank Holders include argon tanks, oxygen tanks and CO2 tanks.
  • Foot Pedal Holder – Store the foot pedals of your equipment on the outside of the cart freeing up space inside for other storage needs.
  • Wire Basket – Wire baskets fix to the end of the cart for extra storage when needed.
  • Flip Up Work Surface – The Flip Up Work Surface is added to the end of a cart for extra working space. Fold down when not in use and flip up with braces that fall into place when needed.
  • CPU Mount – When space is at a premium within the cart, mounting the computer on the outside edge may be the perfect solution for allowing everything to fit easily.