YLED-1F LED Lamp for Diagnosis


Examination  light with integrated wide range power supply and faceted multiple lens system for minimum shadowing in the field of illumination. Equipped with the Latest lighting technology to bring light into focus.

  • Integrated wide-range power supply unit
  • Splash water protection – protection class IP44
  • Sterilisable handle
  • Convenient positioning and focusing
  • Free 360° rotation at the connection to the Portegra2 ceiling system

Modern Illumination for Real Working Success
The compact YLED-1F contains 17 powerful LED modules. All modules provide a combined light intensity of 70,000 Lux.

In addition, a wide range power supply is integrated into the housing. This integrated power supply enables you to save space and time by means of simple installation.

Regardless of whether it is ceiling or wall-mounted, the tried-and-tested MAVIG Portegra2 system is ideal for suspending the YLED-1F (and other medical devices). Thanks to its great flexibility as a modular system with many safety features, it can be optimally adapted to a wide range of applications.

The YLED-1F therefore covers a wide range of applications, like examinations. It is intuitively controlled by means of the side-mounted control panel (On/Off, endoscopic light, brightness adjustment) and the sterilisable handle (focusing).

Designed for utmost performance and to meet stringent requirements, the YLED-1F can be used by physicians or specialists, in hospitals or in outpatient surgery centres. It always keeps a “cool head”, because the heat radiation from the YLED-1F is reduced to a minimum, even without complex filter technology.

With the use of considerably more efficient LEDs from the latest generation and a lamp life of at least 50,000 hours, the costs for electricity and lamp replacements are greatly reduced in comparison with the previously widespread halogen lights.

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