Femoral and Radial Access Protective Shield


Modern X-ray protection for today’s applications, particularly for the increase of radial access and longer interventional procedures.

Recent studies have shown that a significant amount of radiation is emitted not only through the gap between the patient and shield, but also from the patient itself.

Even if the shield sits directly on top of the patient, radiation travels under the shield through the patient and is then released. To combat this, flexible strips were added to the bottom of the shield. The special design and the flexibility of the curtain allows it to perfectly adapt to the patient’s body without producing gaps between the strips, reducing the scatter radiation emitting from the patient’s body in the direction of the user.

Additionally, the second patient cut-out in combination with the flexible strips ensures optimal radiation protection during femoral, as well as radial access

MVG-OT54001 / MVG-OT94001 – Radiation protective shield with two patient cut-outs and X-ray protective strips:

  • Lead Acrylic Shield Size: 78 x 90 cm (W x H)
  • Lead Equivalent: 0.50 mm Pb
  • Centrally guided by connecting element
  • Weight includes X-ray protective strips: 15.0 kg
  • Accessories: Specially designed sterile covers MVG-STEA-OT4 to meet the strict hygienic regulations of hospitals X-Ray Protective Strips
  • Flexible X-Ray Protection
  • Lead equivalent 0.5 mm Pb
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