Foam Kit A


Kit Contains:

  • 1 x 45° Wedge Small
  • 1 x 45° Wedge Medium
  • 1 x 45° Wedge Long
  • 1 x 60° Wedge
  • 1 x 15° Ramp/Wedge
  • 1 x Block Extra Small
  • 1 x Block Small
  • 1 x Block Large
  • 1 x Step Block
  • 1 x Circular
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Standard Positioning Foams

We offer a wide range of generic and specialty shaped positioning foams in raw and covered versions. Whether it’s raw or coated, our position foams are made from quality materials that will stand up to constant abuse. If you need something not listed, we can custom make it to your requirements.


Basic open-cell uncoated and uncovered, raw foams are completely invisible to x-rays but are non-cleanable and not as durable as a covered foam.


Our covered foams are fully sewn to offer a completely sealed covering of fluid-resistant material. This makes them easier to keep clean and makes them last longer.