Mammography Phantom


Positioning aid for craniocaudal and mediolateral oblique views

  • Demonstrates spot-compression procedures
  • Sensitivity training for patient comfort
  • Helpful in training male students (eliminating loaded vests to simulate breasts)
Mammography Phantom is a perfect patient substitute allowing instructors to teach mammography positioning. This valuable teaching and training aid simplifies classroom procedures, allowing trainees to take as many exposures as are needed to develop expertise. Mammograms of this phantom, taken within the range of standard technical factors, provide realistic images with high contrast. Option to add micro-calcification clusters to train for spot compression and magnification views.

A molded gel provides realistic compressibility. Mammograms are taken at a breast thickness of 5-cm, using normal technical factors. The breast is mounted on a post with adjustments for height and the angles needed for various views.

A small indicator box is placed next to the breast to signal when the 5-cm breast thickness is reached. Patient discomfort is signaled by a red warning light which informs the trainee that the pain level can be reached at about this compression. The light is actuated 5-mms before the dead stop produced by the box. This procedure emphasizes the care needed for patients when the pain zone is reached.

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