CT QA Phantom JCT II (PH-54)

SKU: KKG-PH-54-41919-000

Renovated CT QA phantom for initial test at the time of reception, as well as follow-up periodical quality check of CT scanners

Features: The phantom can be used for initial and follow-up QA tests listed below, described in JIS Z 4752-3-5: 2008 (IEC 61223-3-5: 2004) and Z 4752-2-6: 2012 (IEC 61223-2-6: 2006) / 2. Conforming to JIS Z 4923:2015

Training skills / Applications: Axial scan: Slice thickness/spatial resolution/low contrast resolution/noise/mean / Helical scan:
Slice thickness HU number/uniformity

Set Includes:1 cylindrical container(fixing screw) / 1 slice thickness unit (axial) / 1 spatial resolution unit / 1 repeated pattern unit / 1 low contrast resolution unit / 2 slice thickness unit (helical) / 1 fixture for the slice thick ness unit / 1 fixture for the cylindrical container / 1 Angle adjustment holder (table-top type) / storage case / manual

Size (approx):

  • φ200×200mm
  • 3kg


  • Acrylic resin
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