CT ERF Phantom HIT with storage case (PH-55)


A phantom designed for physical evaluation of iteratively reconstructed images under low CNR


  • The phantom is designed to physically and quantitatively evaluate iteratively reconstructed images in the low CNR area, such as abdomen, where MTF of PSF is less useful
  • The phantom uses edge spread function (ESF) to calculate MTF of the low CNR images, which facilitate assessing performance properties of iteratively reconstructed images under low CNR

Set Includes:1 cylindrical container (200 mm dia.) / 5 measurement plates / 1 rotation holder / 1 fixture for the cylindrical container /1 angle adjustment holder / 1 philips screwdriver / 1 petroleum jelly / screws (spare) / 1 storage case / manual

Size (approx):

  • φ200×250mm
  • 4.5kg

Materials: Acrylic resin, polyurethane)

Application: CT

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