Bone Scintigraphy QA Phantom (PH-74)

SKU: KKG-PH-74-41938-000

An innovative QA phantom for Bone Scintigraphy, Bone SPECT/CT and NaF-PET


  • The phantom can represent either thoracic or lumbar region by changing the filling of side cavities

Training skills / Applications: Visual Evaluation: / Tumor detectability / Image distortion / Artifact / Quantitative Evaluation: / Contrast and count ratio between vertebral body

Set Includes: 1 phantom / 1 screwdriver / 1 funnel / 1 petroleum jelly / 1 needle / manual

Size (approx):

  • External Dimensions: W31×D21×H35.5cm
  • Inner Dimensions: W29×D19×H30cm

Materials: Acrylic resin / Tough lung (PVA acetal compound)

Application:  Bone scintigraphy / Bone SPECT/CT / NaF-PET

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