Our sandbags are designs and manufactured in Australia based on the feedback and requirements of our customers. We offer a range of sizes and weights and have two filling options: sand and glass. These fit-for-purpose sandbags use high quality materials suitable for use in medical imaging applications. The heavy-duty handle and solid construction will withstand abuse leaving you one less thing to worry about.

Available Options:

General-Purpose Sandbags
Our general-purpose sandbags are available in various weights, double-sealed for durability, and filled with sand, making them a perfect all-rounder for all but MRI imaging applications.

MRI Sandbags
While not technically made from sand, these sandbags have all the same features and benefits of our regular general-purpose sandbags. With the additional benefit of being MRI safe.

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Sand and Glass Bead Options

Sand is a cheap and abundant filling of choice for positioning sandbags but not suitable for MRI applications due to the potential for contaminants and moisture. Glass beads are a fantastic alternative when MRI compatibility is required. That’s why we offer both options.

Double Sealed Bag

The last thing you want is for a sandbag to split and spill its contents over the table and imaging room. Imaging Solutions’ sandbags are doubled sealed. Giving them the durability required for their intended use.