Troyka T-150 MRI Wheelchair


The T-150 MRI Wheelchair is designed to be MRI Conditional and is manufactured and tested to the highest standards.

The T-150 is constructed from 3 main materials 304 stainless steel, aluminum and plastic.

This heavy-duty, non-magnetic wheelchair, is an ideal unit for MRI patient transport. Finished in attractive gray powder coat, it comes complete with matters, restraining straps and retractable guard rails. Although light in weight for easy, controlled mobility, the MRI Wheelchair accommodates up to 140 Kg patient safely and comfortably.

It rolls on 24’’ ball-bearing swivel casters that lock firmly to secure the wheelchair in place when positioned.

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The MRI wheelchair is designed solely for people who are unable to walk or who have a walking impediment. The wheelchairs can be moved either by the patients themselves or by another person.

This product meets the requirements of the 93/42/EWG guidelines for medical products. This product has been classified as a Class I product according to the classification criteria outlined in appendix IX of the guidelines. The declaration of conformity was therefore created by Troyka Med Inc. with sole responsibility according to VII of the guidelines.


  • High quality and comfort.
  • Specifically designed for use in and around the MRI suite.
  • Produced from non-ferromagnetic high quality materials.
  • Not effected by magnetic field.
  • Foldable to a convenient size.
  • Easy handling.
  • 130 kg weight capacity.
  • MRI compatibility certificate up to 3 Tesla.