PD240CH Dual Sensing Hand-Held Ferromagnetic Detector


Dual sensing hand-held ferromagnetic detector for patient screening prior to MRI scans

The only hand-held MRI patient screening device capable of separately detecting both ferrous and non-ferrous metallic items, the PD240CH Hand-held Patient Screener provides protection from both adverse magnetic field interaction and potential RF-induced metallic heating.

Designed as a safer and more convenient than similar alternatives, the lightweight portable patient screener has three analysis modes and a control interface that can be personalized to refine analysis capabilities based on specific patient needs.

  • LARGE SEARCH AREA for faster and accurate screening operations
  • DUAL-TONE AUDIO SIGNALLING & DUAL-COLOUR DISPLAY for high precision pinpointing
  • THREE MODES OF OPERATION allow for high-performance ferrous only, detection around the head and body, or full metal detection around the whole body
  • PATIENT SAFETY – Mitigates the risk of an RF burn occurring in the scanner due to either Ferrous or Non-Ferrous Metals
  • DUAL SENSING – Capable of separately screening for either ferrous metallic items or any type of metallic item
  • Audible, silent-vibration, and visual-magnitude alert settings
  • Personalize the interface, energy-saving mode, and sensitivity
  • Embedded Long Life Rechargeable Batteries are renewable energy and eliminate the Operation Cost of Alkaline Batteries
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Dual-tone Audio Signalling

Dual-colour Display

Analysis Mode Selection

All Metals

  • High sensitivity to all types of metals (implanted medical devices, prostheses, metal splinters)


  • High sensitivity to small ferromagnetic metals (ferromagnetic fragments, surgical instruments)
  • Insensitive to large non-ferromagnetic implanted medical devices (large prostheses)


  • High sensitivity to very small ferromagnetic metals (small ferromagnetic fragments)
  • Insensitive to medium size non-ferromagnetic implanted medical devices (non-ferromagnetic dental implants, small prostheses)

Power Supply

  • PD240CH: 2 x AA size Ni-MH, 2500mAh rechargeable batteries
  • HHDS-CH Docking Station: AC/DC adapter: 100-240V~, 50-60Hz, 200 mA

Control Panel

  • Optical and acoustic signalling modes
  • 3-Level Sensitivity selection
    • ALL METALS (ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metals)
    • BODY (small ferromagnetic metals)
    • HEAD (very small ferromagnetic metals)

Detection and Operational Functions

  • Customizable via HHMD Configuration tool


  • Battery life (AA NiMH batteries 2500mAh)
    • ALL METALS > 50 hours
    • FERROUS METAL BODY > 20 hours
    • FERROUS METAL HEAD > 20 hours
  • Low battery indicator

Operating temperature

  • -40°C to +70°C

Storage temperature

  • -40°C to +80°C

Relative humidity

  • 0 to 98% (without condensation)


  • PD240CH 405 mm x 120 mm x 40 mm
  • HHDS-CH Docking Station 175 mm x 115 mm x 85 mm
  • Carry Bag 430 mm x 340 mm x 105 mm


  • PD240CH 460 g (with battery)
  • HHDS-CH Docking Station 755 g (with power adapter)
  • Carry Bag 2.85 kg (with equipment)


  • Conforms to the applicable international standards for safety, EMC and to the applicable CE regulations

Safety features

  • Manufactured in shock-resistant technical polymers

PD240CH detecting set

  • Hand-held Patient Screener
  • HHDS-CH desktop docking station
  • Detection Verification (Test Piece: part # 72131)
  • Discrimination Verification (Test Piece: part # 72132)
  • Instruction manual / Certificate of Calibration
  • Universal AC adapter
  • US, EU, UK, JP plugs
  • Extensible restraint cable
  • Carry bag

Options / Accessories

  • Patient screener configuration tool: setting up the Hand-held Patient Screener via USB PC-HHMD connecting cable and GUI application software: part # 63537