Accutron® MR3


The master of multi-tasking

The Accutron® MR3 is designed for precisely dosed injections of contrast medium (CM) and saline solution (NaCl) as well as for the infusion of fluids. The Accutron® MR3 has an injection unit with three drive units which can be controlled independently of each other. The third drive in the injection unit, the so-called infusion pump, is used for the infusion of fluids. You can create both pure infusion phases and pure injection phases as well as combined phases with injection and infusion steps in a profile.

The Benefits of the Accutron® MR at a Glance

Clinical Benefits

  • Integrated infusion pump: Enables the simultaneous administration of specific medications required by some patients for the MRI examination.
  • Expanding your clinical use: With the Accutron® MR3 allows pharmacological cardiac MRI stress tests.

Operational Benefits

  • Wireless and mobile: This provides flexibility in configuration, as the Accutron® MR3 does not require any power connection during the examination. Communication with the remote control also takes place wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • Flexible medication administration: Medication infusion is possible even during an MRI examination.
  • MPRO Assist: The software wizard simplifies the dose calculation for stress MRI examinations of the heart.
  • Pre-filled syringes: Throughput is increased due to fast application and improved patient turnaround times.

Financial Benefits

  • Integrated infusion pump: Eliminates the need to purchase a separate MRI-compatible infusion device for stress heart exams.
  • Reduced installation costs: The wireless and mobile configuration with power supply from high-performance batteries reduces installation costs because there is no need to install a power connection in the examination room.
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Integrated Infusion Pump

Adapter 64 ml ELS NaC

Adapter D for Pre-filled Syringes

Adapter M for Prefilled Syringes

Remote Touch Screen

Cardiac Stress

Accutron® MR3 is a dual head dual syringe contrast media injector with a third syringe unit operating as a dedicated infusion pump specifically indicated for MR Stress test imaging. An MR stress test is a chemical induced stress imaging examination of the heart using a pharmaceutical agent such as Adenosine or Dobutamine.

These agents simulate the effects of exercise in patients thereby causing the coronary arteries to dilate. This dilation with contrast media allows the visualization of the heart muscle not receiving enough blood supply i.e., ischemia. In addition, Accutron® MR3 software features MPRO Assist which helps guide you during setup for the optimal injection and infusion rates.

Guided Assistance

Patient based profile assistant (MPRO) generates the optimal injection and infusion protocol based upon established criteria helping you to be more efficient in your daily workflow.

Infusion Pump

The integrated infusion pump provides for continuous infusion of diagnostic medication during an MR scan. It also features bolus functionality and is ideal for MRI Stress testing

Remote Control

Offers a comprehensive view to monitor the medication infusion and contrast injection phases. It also provides complete remote operational control including parameter adjustment and injection from the scanner control room.

Technical Data

Injection Volume:
max 64 ml (CM) 200 ml (NaCl) programmable in 0.1 ml/s increments and 50 ml (infusion pump), programmable in 0.001 ml/min increments

Number of Phases:
1 to 6 phases

Injection Pressure:
max 21 bar, programmable from 5 to 21 bar in 1 bar increments

Flow Rate:
0.1 – 10 ml/s, programmable in 0.1 ml/s increments,
Infusion pump: 0.001-30 ml/min, programmable in 0.001 ml/min

Injection Profiles:
80 profiles, individually programmable and storable

Injection and Phase Delay:
0.1 – 600 s injection delay
1 – 255 s phase delay

Filling Speed:
1 – 4 ml/s, CM/NaCl, programmable in 1 ml/s increments

Keep Vein Open:
1 ml every 2 minutes

subject to technical alterations

Focus with Accutron® MR & MR3.

Pediatric MR

Pediatric MR imaging faces complex challenges such as minimal flow rate requirements, extremely fragile veins as well as optimal contrast volume selection and delivery.

Accutron® MR & MR3 are both ideal for pediatric imaging because they provide precise injection volume and flow rates with decimal increments allowing for careful administration of the contrast media dose.

It is especially critical in pediatric MR imaging where precise comparability with high quality imaging is needed, such as in pediatric cardiac and oncologic imaging.

MR Mammography

Contrast media perfusion in MR breast imaging requires a high degree of precision coupled with an extremely high necessity for imaging reproducibility. It allows conspicuous lesions with premature and higher grade enhancements to be analyzed. Only a power injector can meet this requirement in earnest.

MR Neuro

Complex vascular changes can be easily visualized via the adjustment of injection parameters on the power injector. As an example, MR stroke imaging requires clearly defined contrast media injection profiles, as they are essential in enabling evaluation of contrast media distribution throughout the brain.

MR Angiography

Using the dual injection head of Accutron® MR and MR3 for multiple phase protocols allows you to optimize the delivery of contrast for vascular dynamic studies.

This includes flushing the arterial supply with saline to ensure a compact bolus is delivered. It also allows subsequent examinations to be later reproduced with the same protocol.

By simultaneously injecting contrast media and saline solution, it allows for the bolus geometry and peak enhancement to be adjusted as needed when focusing on organ tissue enhancement. For example, to increase the duration of the contrast peak for larger vessel studies.

Should I use a power injector?

Using power injection is inherently more stable and repeatable with respect to flow rate, timing and duration of injection during a patient examination.

A power injector such as Accutron® MR or Accutron® MR3 makes the quality of imaging more predictable, which ultimately enhances the procedural safety for the patient.

Unfortunately, hand injections are not suitable for repeatability as the variability of flow rate, time and duration are not easily controlled and/or maintained due to the manual variabilities introduced.