A-SPOT® Light Image®

SKU: BKM-651

The triangle, the international symbol for warning, is used to mark palpable masses and is the best way to correlate the physical finding with findings on the patient images.

  • Immediately directs attention to the area of concern without obscuring calcifications or other imaging findings
  • Acts as a visual cue to the technologist that the entire area has been captured on the image – especially important if the mass is mammographically occult
  • Becomes part of the patient’s permanent record and proof of due diligence if images are transferred to another location
  • Eliminates doubt that the marker represents anything other than a palpable abnormality
A-SPOT® Light Image® palpable mass marker (BKM-651)
  • Uniform low-density see-through triangle
  • Highlights without obscuring
  • Compatible with both digital and analog equipment
  • Quantity: 120/box
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