Rightfit Bucky System


The Rightfit Bucky System provides custom security

If you have a protective case on your cell phone, do you take it off each time you make or take a call? Of course not. So why not use a system to keep your mobile imaging detectors in a case at all times during procedures?

The Rightfit Bucky System is like that case for your phone. It provides custom security for streamlined workflow and enhanced productivity, and is an ideal in-room solution to reduce detector drops when transitioning from the table to the wall equipment and beyond.

Reducing the scatter-to-primary ratio of radiation has been a goal of diagnostic imaging since its invention. Achieving reduction using a radiographic grid was introduced to diagnostic radiography by Gustav Bucky in 1913. The grid consists of a thin arrangement of lead strips, tightly packed, with an absorbent material between them, placed between the patient and image receptor. Low-level photons “scattered” by the imaging process are absorbed by the lead strips in the grid, giving preference to X-rays which pass straight through, called “primary radiation,” in an action comparable to a window blind. Scatter radiation can blur the final image.

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Reina Imaging provides world-class radiological equipment and services throughout the medical field through innovative design and industry-leading construction.

Reina is a radiographic accessory manufacturing firm, dedicated to creating both form and function for the industry. We manufacture all Reina Imaging products by hand in the US to full ISO13485 standards. And while medical imaging is an enormous industry, Reina remains committed to being a friendly, small family business that is always there for our customers and their patients.

X-Ray Cassette Repair Company, Inc., d.b.a. Reina Imaging was founded in 1978 by current President and C.E.O. Leo Reina R.T. With his years of experience working as both a radiographer and serving as department manager for six years at Lee Memorial Hospital he saw potential for a niche within the general radiographic market. With a mix of quality workmanship and personal service Leo grew his reputation based mostly on word-of-mouth sales. The result was fast paced growth — creating a foundation for the value-added products offered by the company today.