RADslide™ Cassette Positioning Aids


Cassette Positioning Has Never Been Easier!

Make life easier with the most effective aid for positioning and removing cassettes and detectors from under a supine patient.

The RadSlide Positioning Aid is a purpose-built cover for cassettes and detectors that allows radiographers to effortlessly slide the detector under the patient for chest and pelvic examinations.

With a sturdy contoured leading point, the RadSlide has evolved over the years into the perfect device for quickly and easily performing countless chest and pelvic examinations, time and time again.

Handles on the trailing end (Max version only) are for the sole purpose of rotating and preventing skewing of the image making the examination more reliable than conventional methods.

Available in:

  • Max – with smooth construction and easy patient gliding.
  • Classic – with bending and folding capabilities.
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  • Available in two popular designs: Max and Classic.
  • The non-stick outer material, with a carbon layer, is the most slippery product available on the market. This ensures the RadSlide Positioning Aid performs its primary function most effectively. It also makes cleaning the product a breeze.
  • The black carbon layer reduces the static friction associated with pulling the RadSlide between the patients bed sheets.
  • The outer is internally reinforced with a strong adhesive that ensures durability. Internal reinforcement means the outer surface is not compromised by PVC reinforcement that grips when exposed to fluids, i.e. sweat.
  • The combination of inner and outer enables the outer to be replaced individually reducing the long term cost of the RadSlide Cassette Positioning Aid considerably.
  • A oversised grid can be locked between the inner and the outer.
  • The inner and outer can be separated in the case of fluid immersion to enable easier cleaning.
  • Handles at both the leading point and the opening of the RadSlide Positioning Aid enable easier repositioning and extraction.
  • Produced with a unique joining process for easy cleaning and infection control.

Tips to Make the Portable X-ray Examination Easier

If possible, use the RadSlide under the bed’s draw sheet. The RadSlide works best between sheets rather than against the patient’s skin or mattress surface.

Pull the bottom sheet and draw sheet tight, so the tongue does not catch on any creases in the bed.

The tongue of the RadSlide should be pushed under the patient before inserting the cassette/DR Plate and grid. Once the cassette/DR Receptor has been inserted, the loaded RadSlide should be given a push until it is partially under the patient (leaning against the inserted cassette will insert 1/5th of the cassette under the patient to maintain its position).

If an assistant is available, the draw sheet should be held from the opposite side whilst the RadSlide is pulled under the patient.

If no assistance is available, the patient may be braced with one hand whilst pulling the RadSlide through with the other. The withdrawal may be made easier by tucking the sheets in on the side of insertion before RadSlide withdrawal. This will enable you to stand back from the bed using your body weight to pull the RadSlide from under the patient.

The hook-and-loop fasteners will secure the detector in the RadSlide while under the patient. It should not be relied on to support the weight of the detector. The weight of the detector should be supported until the detector is under the patient. On withdrawal two hands should be used to extract and support the weight of the detector when greater than half of the detector has been removed from under the patient.

Alternatively, the RadSlide may be folded in half and pushed under the drawsheet. Extraction is then from the same side using the handle.

Care should be taken to seal the hook-and-loop fasteners properly. Failure to do so may result in the cassette and/or grid dropping out of the RadSlide.

The centre of the grid, when used, may be approximated by the midline of the exposed handle/tongue.

The RadSlide is best utilised when it is easily accessible. The RadSlide’s design makes hanging, laying or folding the RadSlide on the portable x-ray machine or next to the patients bed a simple process, allowing for easy access at the next examination.

The triangular end handle should be used for insertion/extraction to spread the load. The open end handles should only be used for minor positional adjustments under the patient, not for extraction.