NDT Freedom® 10×12 2 Handle Full Enclosure


The NDT 10×12 Freedom 2 Handle Full Enclosure will help create a safe, efficient and consistent radiograph in the toughest of settings. It features ergonomic handles, a dense foam lined internal cavity and optional removable pipe cleats making it paramount when verifying welds or other tricky to position x-rays.

The small format NDT 10×12 Freedom 2 Handle Full Enclosure effectively creates safe and consistent radiographs. With a handle located on each short axis, dense foam lined internal cavity and optional removable pipe cleats, the Freedom full enclosure is a must have when using an expensive DR panel in the field – verifying welds or other difficult x-rays. The unibody construction milled from a single piece of HDPE, yields both a high flexular modulus and superior heat deflection, all while boasting a lightweight design, weighing in at just under 5lb. (2.2kg). Tight spaces, tough angles and a variety of diameters are no problem with the optional removable positioning cleats. The Freedom full enclosure is a must have for the most challenging environments.

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  • Full enclosure with easy to remove back panel for detector access
  • Foam lined internal cavity for extra DR panel protection
  • Unibody construction for high flexular modulus and heat deflection
  • Cutouts for tether in multiple panel orientations
  • Two sure-grip fatigue reducing handles
  • Lightbars for LED and cutout for PB
  • Optional removable cleats that can work with a variety of pipe diameters
  • Total weight is under 5lb. (2.2kg)


  • 16.625in. (42.227cm) x 23.72in. (60.248cm) x 1.25in. (3.175cm)
  • 13.71lb. (6.21kg)


Non-Destructive Testing.

The rough and tough nature of industrial radiographic testing can present many challenges. Whether the application is aerospace, petrochemical or any other industrial setting, Reina Imaging has a line of protective accessories that will create a safe, efficient, and consistent radiograph. Whether it’s a protective case for an expensive DR panel, custom cut IP plates for your CR system, or anything else in between, we can create, supply or spec-build the required NDT accessory.

Reina Imaging provides world-class radiological equipment and services throughout the medical field through innovative design and industry-leading construction.

Reina is a radiographic accessory manufacturing firm, dedicated to creating both form and function for the industry. We manufacture all Reina Imaging products by hand in the US to full ISO13485 standards. And while medical imaging is an enormous industry, Reina remains committed to being a friendly, small family business that is always there for our customers and their patients.

X-Ray Cassette Repair Company, Inc., d.b.a. Reina Imaging was founded in 1978 by current President and C.E.O. Leo Reina R.T. With his years of experience working as both a radiographer and serving as department manager for six years at Lee Memorial Hospital he saw potential for a niche within the general radiographic market. With a mix of quality workmanship and personal service Leo grew his reputation based mostly on word-of-mouth sales. The result was fast paced growth — creating a foundation for the value-added products offered by the company today.