NDT Freedom® 10×12 2 Handle Full Enclosure


The NDT 10×12 Freedom 2 Handle Full Enclosure will help create a safe, efficient and consistent radiograph in the toughest of settings. It features ergonomic handles, a dense foam lined internal cavity and optional removable pipe cleats making it paramount when verifying welds or other tricky to position x-rays.

The small format NDT 10×12 Freedom 2 Handle Full Enclosure effectively creates safe and consistent radiographs. With a handle located on each short axis, dense foam lined internal cavity and optional removable pipe cleats, the Freedom full enclosure is a must have when using an expensive DR panel in the field – verifying welds or other difficult x-rays. The unibody construction milled from a single piece of HDPE, yields both a high flexular modulus and superior heat deflection, all while boasting a lightweight design, weighing in at just under 5lb. (2.2kg). Tight spaces, tough angles and a variety of diameters are no problem with the optional removable positioning cleats. The Freedom full enclosure is a must have for the most challenging environments.

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  • Full enclosure with easy to remove back panel for detector access
  • Foam lined internal cavity for extra DR panel protection
  • Unibody construction for high flexular modulus and heat deflection
  • Cutouts for tether in multiple panel orientations
  • Two sure-grip fatigue reducing handles
  • Lightbars for LED and cutout for PB
  • Optional removable cleats that can work with a variety of pipe diameters
  • Total weight is under 5lb. (2.2kg)


  • 16.625in. (42.227cm) x 23.72in. (60.248cm) x 1.25in. (3.175cm)
  • 13.71lb. (6.21kg)


Non-Destructive Testing.

The rough and tough nature of industrial radiographic testing can present many challenges. Whether the application is aerospace, petrochemical or any other industrial setting, Reina Imaging has a line of protective accessories that will create a safe, efficient, and consistent radiograph. Whether it’s a protective case for an expensive DR panel, custom cut IP plates for your CR system, or anything else in between, we can create, supply or spec-build the required NDT accessory.