Long Format Wall Mounted Trans-Former®


The Wall-Mounted Long Format DR Panel Trans-Former allows for a long format DR detector to accomplish full spine or hips to ankles images effortlessly and without any electricity.

The Wall-Mounted Long Format DR Panel Trans-Former has a simple, yet reliable design which allows for a variety of long format DR detectors to accomplish full spine or hips to ankles images. With no electric needed, this perfectly weighted, fully mechanical zero gravity counterbalance system allows for effortless vertical travel. The holder can be easily mounted to the wall, taking up very little space. This solution is turnkey ready to go out of the box – just uncrate it, mount it and go. This holder is built for precise fitment of your long format detector and an encased removable anti-scatter grid.

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  • Vertical travel
  • Removable grid cabinet
  • No electric needed (non-PBL)
  • Sturdy



Imaging the full spine or hips to ankles can be a challenge. There are several issues that one has to consider such as process of care, patient safety, efficiencies, and outcomes. Whether you use a single shot long detector or multiple exposures with a 14×17 detector, we have a solution to help stitch your DR images effectively every time.