14x17in Tri-Handle Protect-A-Grid® DRP Encasement


The Tri-Handle Protect-A-Grid® DRP grid encasement is a drop-on style that features two ergonomic handles on the short axis and one handle on the long axis providing a sure grip with a bidirectional Twin-Lock™ that secures the DR panel quickly and effectively. The encasement protects both the grid and the DR panel from any incidental damage that may occur during free exposure exams.

The Tri-Handle Protect-A-Grid® Encasement is designed to reduce the chance of incidental grid damage from atypical handling. The Tri-Handle style features two ergonomic handles on the short axis and one handle on the long axis of the grid providing the radiographer with a sure grip, making the PAG easier to position and remove. With bidirectional Twin-Lock™, the detector is always safe and secure and will never accidentally fall out of the grid encasement. Being milled from a single piece of resin HDPE, the sleek curved corners will not catch on a bedsheet or a patient. The material is non-porous and easy to keep clean, reducing the risk of any hospital acquired infections.

All Protect-A-Grids must be ordered with a grid.

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  • Three ergonomic handles allow for a variety of exams and a sure grip on expensive DR panels
  • Designed and engineered for precise fitment of any wireless ANSI standard cassette size detector
  • Made from resilient, shock absorbent HDPE featuring radius edges for deflection and extra drop protection
  • Simple bi-directional Twin-Lock eliminates accidental release of the panel from the holder
  • Smooth, non-porous surface allows for effective cleaning and superior infection control
  • Lightweight, robust uni-frame design made from a single piece of HDPE
  • Grid permanently protected inside sealed encasement
  • Curved corners and radius edges don’t catch on bedsheets for easy placement in the mobile imaging environment
  • Air-Ride corners and shock absorbent milled handles for additional drop protection
  • 21.5 x 17.44 x 1 in. (54.6 x 44.3 x 2.54 cm)
  • 2.1 lbs (0.95 kg)


Grid Encasements.

Our Protect-A-Grid and CarbonCase encasements ensure that your grids are safe from bumps, scratches, or other contaminants that could damage them. Additionally, they come in a variety of handling styles depending on your staff’s preference.

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