Acclimate® Gel Warmer


Our patented design evenly warms ultrasound gel to the desired temperature while allowing users to monitor and regulate the temperature with an LCD digital display. The Acclimate® Gel Warmer is specifically designed to warm EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel but is capable of warming other products.

  • Three Models Available
    The Acclimate® Gel Warmer is available for single-use packets, multi-use bottles, and FlexPac®.
  • LCD Digital Display
    Our newly redesigned Acclimate® Gel Warmers feature an LCD digital display, allowing you to monitor and regulate the temperature (95°F – 105°F).
  • Easy Button Control
    Press illuminated button to quickly begin heating. Button will turn solid green once fully heated.

More Reasons to Choose Acclimate®…

  • Wall Mount or Countertop
  • Two-Stage Thermal Cut-Off Protects from Overheating
  • UL Listed
  • Available in 120V
  • Two-year Limited Warranty

Safe Gel Warming for Patient Comfort

The Acclimate® Gel Warmer provides the convenience of easy button control with a built-in two-stage thermal cut-off to protect from overheating.

Functions as a wall mount or countertop unit, it is UL listed, available in 120V, and includes a two-year limited warranty. Acclimate® helps to deliver a better experience for today’s ultrasound providers AND their patients.

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