Med-X® LT Glass


Thin, Clear, and Robust – Corning Innovation

With Corning® Med-X® LT Glass, Corning innovation continues in the field of Radiation Shielding Glass.

Thanks to an innovative laminated design combining different Corning glasses, new Corning® Med-X® LT Glass enables improved glazing.

The new radiation shielding solution brings improved features:

  • Improved safety in case of impact
  • Improved clarity, scratch resistance, and ease of cleaning
  • Easy handling and framing thanks to a lightweight design
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Combination of Unique Technologies

CORNING® MED-X® GLASS offers reliable radiationshielding performance and clear transparency for safer X-ray operations.

CORNING® ADVANCED GLAZING offers a unique combination of thin, lightweight, and tough properties, enabling a new generation of innovative windows.

Impact Resistance

Building requirements are becoming increasingly strict with regard to safety standards.

Product Life Cycle

From transportation to installation into window panels inside architectural healthcare facilities and laboratory around the world, radiation shielding glass must withstand several constraints during its life cycle:

  • Handling, packing, unpacking, and storage
  • Daily maintenance and cleaning
  • Repeated ionizing radiation


Visual comfort and a well-lit work environment are essential for specific glazing materials such as radiation shielding glass.

A new construction project? A new device? Material reliability and ease of use is crucial.

Corning developed a new glass solution bringing safety, durability and user-friendliness for all stakeholders along the product life cycle.

Whether you are a distributor looking for the best solution to offer to your customers, a radiation specialist designing and installing the most reliable X ray room, or an architect working with engineering consultants looking for the best solution available on the market, the new Corning® Med-X® LT Glass will meet your expectations.


Protects from ionizing radiation
Corning® Med-X® LT Glass offers excellent radiation protection performance: 1.2 mmPb to 2.6 mmPb lead equivalence at 150kV tested according to international standard IEC 61 331:2014.

Limits the risk of injury in case of impact Corning® Med-X® LT Glass is a laminated glass.

In case of impact, numerous cracks could appear but fragments are being held together: no projection of glass.

Corning® Med-X® LT Glass is qualified with the most stringent Impact Safety standards for glazing:

  • EN 12600 (Europe)
  • Cat II CFR Part 16 #1201 (United States)

Safety Glazing Impact Test

Safety glass tests reveal how the glass will behave when subjected to an impact of about 50kg at different drop heights: from a few centimetres to more than 1.20m (equivalent to an adult hitting the glass unintentionally or a child landing on it accidently). All tests are performed by accredited independent laboratories.


Radiation shielding glass requires special care. Corning® Med-X® LT Glass is resistant to scratching and daily cleaning.

Scratch Resistant

Corning® Med-X® LT Glass has better scratch resistance than other products available on the market:

  • Up to 4 times better than conventional radiation shielding glass
  • 24 times better than lead acrylic panels

It is measured using the ASTM F735-94 abrasion protocol (BAYER test – 3,600 cycles – Corundum sand – Haze measurements).

Easy to clean

Corning® Med-X® LT Glass is easy to clean with common detergents.

Light Transmission Comparison*

* Light transmission % for different materials Shielding @150 kV of 1.2 mm Pb for glass vs 0.5 mm Pb for acrylic


Improved clarity for users

Corning® Med-X® LT Glass guarantees the properties and reliability of a premium radiation shielding glass while offering improved clarity and transparency. Visual clarity is improved as the new solution brings up to 5 extra points of light transmission.

Added value for installers and integrators

Corning® Med-X® LT Glass provides the added value of a laminated sheet without the constraints of extra weight and thickness. Compared to current solutions on the market, Corning® Med-X® LT Glass is up to 10 kg/m2 lighter.