RADfresh® Thyroid Collar Covers 100 Pack


Engineered to snugly fit over the existing Thyroid Collar. The durable an absorbing material that is used, offers protection towards infection control, and enhances the longevity of your investment.

  • Contoured
  • Straight
  • Visor
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Durability that you Can Depend On

Built to the highest standards, using the latest assistive technologies and specialized machinery

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Our customer service team is the best in the business and can assist you with any situation you may encounter.

Advanced Design

We strive to optimize comfort and ergonomics without compromising on protection.

Immerse yourself in the RADfamily

RADdrape, RADfresh, RADstore, RADshield, and RADview, among others are part of our comprehensive solutions.

Why RADSafe® Medical?

RadSafe personal radiation protective apparel is setting new standards in innovative and reliable protection for healthcare professionals around the world. Manufactured to exceptionally high standards, RadSafe aprons are available in a number of ergonomic and gender-specific designs to maximise flexibility and comfort. This means that, if required, RadSafe aprons may be safely and comfortably worn more frequently, or for longer periods.