Infant Vaccum Immobilisation


Eliminate the need for sedation in infant MRI and CT

The MedVac Infant Immobiliser eliminates the need for sedation in Pediatric MRI Scans. See “Guidline for Transporting, Stabilizing and Performing Brain MRI in Neonates Without Sedation” written by Neonatologist – Dr Amit Mathur – Washington University School of Medicine.

MedVac’s air-tight, chambered vacuum splint comes filled with tiny, evenly spaced beads. Simply wrap the vacuum splint around the infant, secure the straps, hook the splint to a pump and evacuate the air. The bag will become rigid around the newborn without squeezing or applying pressure. When finished, simply release the valve to allow the vacuum splint to re-fill with air, then undo the straps.

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