Octoroll® Motor Unit


Simply place a Universal Octopaque® unit on the four wheels of the Octoroll®, and the examination is ready to be conducted from the control bay.

Immobilisation is safe, efficient and fast. The next baby may even be pre-immobilised outside the room on another Octopaque®, and brought inside for immediate exchange on the Octoroll®.

Upper gastrointestinal series, colon, voiding cystograms, etc. can be done without tedious loss of time.

The radiologist remains protected from radiation, yet just fingertip away from the patient, while assistants supervise from a safe distance.

The unit is totally wireless since it is battery operated and controlled by radio signals. The battery charge is sufficient for an average day’s work, which may even continue while recharging. Stops are instantaneous and a brake keeps the baby perfectly still during exposures.

Light and compact, the unit is put away on a shelf under continuous charge for immediate use at any time.

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